September 18th, 2001


How I spent my week at camp

Well. After weeks of obsessive posting, I've found that livejournal is somehow less fufilling lately than regular paper journal. Nevertheless, I feel it's necessary to post the all important song written while trapped in Eugene.
Picture this: It's an Amtrak station. JJ, Brent, and Gabrielle are all seated on the plastic waiting seats, surrounded by the luggage of other departing campers. We are watching that luggage - on one of the many shifts that will exist before the train arrives at 8. Brent has his guitar and is playing some little tune when Maggie emerges from the bathroom singing a line she thought of while washing her hands: "Hey hey...New York blew up yesterday." She proceeds to adlib a few more lines to whatever it is that Brent is playing.
And suddenly, songwriting seems to be an excellent way to pass time. In a fantastic joint effort, Gabrielle, Brent and Maggie write a fantastic song about the situation at hand. And it is much loved and adored by all who hear it.
Italics mean it's spoken, not sung.

Optimism is Key
An Original Ditty By B, G, and M.

1)One early morning - Camp Myrtlewood
It was a Tuesday I believe.
We were eating tofu when the terrorists attacked.
Brought down New York City
And the Pentagon.

Hey Hey
New York blew up yesterday
Hey Hey
And there ain't nothin' left to say
Hey Hey
DC blew up yesterday
Hey Hey
And there ain't nothin' left to say

2) Were about to sing some Raffi type of song -
They came to us and said:
Hey, guess what?
Some planes got hijacked and
now there's a crater in Manhattan
(fake laughter)
No, I'm serious.
Aw, shit


And now a bridge!

BRIDGE: (to the tune of Ani's "Both Hands")
I am walking
to the Courtesy Inn
and I am listening to the news again
and again
and I am stuck here in Eugene, Oregon
and I can't get home
cuz the planes won't go...anywhere.

3) So now we're sitting here in the Amtrak station
We're writing semi-morbid songs.
And Maggie's from New York
Ha ha, sucker.
And Gabrielle has a nasty hickey on her neck.
And Brent copped out on the bridge of the song.


Hey Hey
New York blew up yesterday
Hey Hey
And that is all we're gonna say.
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